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Become a Game Developer

You want more as playing? Become a game developer? Create maps, write quests, create art and music or coding parts of a real mmo server engine? In Daimonin, you can do all that. Interested?

The Daimonin Community

Our community is different. We are not only players. YOU will not be only a player. We are the creators of the world. We build it. We expand it. We talk about it.Start Playing Now!

Daimonin - Free and Open Source

Daimonin is more as a free to play MMORPG. It is an open source project and a game engine.SIGN UP!
game mechanics
Game Mechanics
The Project
Game Client
Game Art
The Project
Game Client

Then read on... Then read on...
Free and open source? What is that?
That means that our source code and the project files are free and public avaible under the GNU General Public License (GPL). That licence and the public parts of daimonin will allow you to install and run a working basic daimonin server. The GPL is the licence for the technical parts of daimonin. Note that the game world files and the art comes under a different licence. The art will stay copyright to the artists, the game world files (quests, maps, storyline...) will be copyright by daimonin. That will allow people to expand daimonin or fork the project but do not clone the game. Our Developement Page will go deeper in the details and give you all the links to other project parts.

And i can really simply join and become a daimonin dev team member?
In short words: Yes. But (yes, there is always a but), there are rules. The first rule is: We are an open source project. We follow the rules of open source. People who know how to participate to an GPL project will not need an explanation. They check out the project, do some work and post it to the forum or the bug tracker. In many cases not THEY ask to become a dev member - we ask them. In other cases people help the project by patches, art of bug fixes over the project interfaces. They participate to the project without become a member. Thats possible too.

How then i join the daimonin project?
First, you are already part of it when you signed up. Players, members, devs... they are all part of daimonin. For development, you should have an idea what YOU like to do. Open source is about people doing things on their own. We usually do not tell people what to do. You have to ask you: What is my interest, what are my skills? You are a programmer? An artist? You like to write? You have an hand to help people? There are nearly unlimited ways what you can bring in. So, first thing is: What are you like to do. Then give us an example. Remember: The whole project is public avaible. This website offers the other parts like the docs, and the central exchange for ideas. Post in the forum some examples of your ideas, your work or explain what you like to do. After that, you should select your role. When you are logged in, you will see under your account name your current group. Next to it you will see the "Become a Developer" link. It will lead you to the group page where you can select a group and go on.


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