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Author Topic:  New Website  (Read 16845 times)

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« Reply #75 on: 23, March 2015, 20:35:34 »
I got it.


« Reply #76 on: 23, March 2015, 20:43:05 »
@michtoen: So your spam tags seem robust.


« Reply #77 on: 23, March 2015, 20:44:58 »
But @michtoen it has come to my attention that some members are not using them responsibly.


« Reply #78 on: 23, March 2015, 23:21:26 »
What have i done...
vita est proelium


« Reply #79 on: 28, March 2015, 02:20:57 »
That terms are smf native... Their mod section is not perfect at all. Some reported items are hidden in the side bar... my current patches moved them on the front page.
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« Reply #80 on: 28, March 2015, 02:32:03 »
Well, here is some real cool stuff.

The daipedia aka a full working wikka is in this site fully added as a semi mod to SMF.
Semi mod because you need to do some tricks to trigger it right. But when it is then executed inside
SMF, it will work as native smf code. Which means that all SMF functions are executable inside the wikka.

I did that for our auto embed media mod, which already is including youtube videos and *alot* other formats just by expanding the fitting url to the forum.

And ... it works like a charm. It also works for pictures. And even better, its compatible with the wikka commands and backwards compatible.

Check the source code of the page to see its really just  plain urls.

So, for an easy, unformated include its now enough write just the media url. Media urls inside the {{image}} tag are not touched, so we can still use that advanced formatting powers and old pages are compatible as can be seen on the bottom of the action format page.

The youtube action is outdated - we do not need it anymore.

More stuff for the other site parts are comming, i just reworked some stuff and must tweak the css.
« Last Edit: 28, March 2015, 02:33:58 by michtoen »
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« Reply #81 on: 30, March 2015, 03:43:18 »
Finished the "poster" layout. Thats the part of the post showing the base data of the poster like avatar, name and such.

- i simplified it alot - only the data really needed
- added group ribbons/badges
- looks good

Anyway, there is more done as it looks like.
I removed the "advanced reputation system" and reinstalled a clean, better looking karma system, reseted to the karma values of the site update from drupal to this. The used mod was a bit to much work and needed to much changes. It also removed some overload.

I also removed the menu button mod and added the changes as patch the core files. In this case it was less work because the menu mod needed alot changes too. This will ensure smf will update all buttons right and removes some overhead.

I beautified alot parts and changed some menus. That was partly to prepare for responsive design.

I also changed all primary groups FOR ALL USERS in the way i set the highest and most useful group as primary. That removed some glitches because alot people was set to low access groups which had no sense.

Everyone who wants now, of course, can change their primary group to what they want now.

NOTE:The groups showed in the public like the forum are not set by the primary group but depend on a fixed sorting showing the best idea about the devs/players access and role. That will perhaps not always fit like people assume but there is no golden rule to do it and no way to personlize it. SMF do not know any group order or priority.

The shown group focus on the dev and project role. Core Team/Game Mastger for example comes here before administrator or global mod because the both are anyway only given to core team members or game masters.

If possible the ribbons show 2 groups - the higher access group like core team, map wizard, etc and the plain dev group like programmer, artist and such to give an idea about their role.
Again - there is no way to set the dev group explicit, this is already an advanced group code who sorts that out in daimonin style.

vita est proelium


« Reply #82 on: 30, March 2015, 03:56:36 »
New update looks great, awesome work MT! :)

Though now you mention groups, I wonder if our old "hack" to make MW groups is still working properly. Unfortunately AFAIK all of our MWs are either inactive or are MM+.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #83 on: 30, March 2015, 04:00:12 »
Thanks - yep, i am happy with that layout. Had cost me some nerves, i am not the artist by nature. Only by need. ;)

Well, the MW stuff should work because it based on a smf feature we layered to drupal. Because i did not changed anything to that, it should run. If something with the access did not works i should be able to fix it. The site offers a custom access mod, which allows to add rules by demand.
vita est proelium


« Reply #84 on: 30, March 2015, 04:11:29 »
Looking really nice, good job.


« Reply #85 on: 30, March 2015, 10:40:42 »
Looks good.

I'm not fluent in social media-speak. (How) do likes and karma interact? Ie, I _people_ was at likes 6, karma 53/4. I liked his post and he went to likes 7 but karma remained unchanged. I clicked his down thumb and he went to karma 53/5 and likes was unchanged.

So it seems to me they are separate.

Somewhere or other I think you said such points could eventually be 'spent' in the shop. If so, which, karma or likes? IOW do either have any actual value or is it just supercool to have at least 134 down thumbs?


« Reply #86 on: 30, March 2015, 10:51:42 »
Likes are post depending - you like a specific posting of the user through the like button.

Karma is the down/up vote for YOU. As you notice, you are the one which most people voted up... and the most disliked. Its seems that everyone is your friend beside the people who hate you ;)
vita est proelium


« Reply #87 on: 30, March 2015, 11:09:40 »
IIRC that was mostly caused by one person who for some reason felt it important to register his dislike of me at every opportunity. And eventually someone else decided to redress the balance.

So as much as I like to think my posts have evoked such strong reactions in 409 people that they're compelled to take the extreme action of clicking a button, the truth is even more mundane.


« Reply #88 on: 30, March 2015, 11:12:55 »
Aww... don't worry smacky, I can unbalance it again for you  ;D
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« Reply #89 on: 30, March 2015, 21:15:45 »
I added some heavy code to avatars and attachments so they sort in sub folders. Report if you experience problems uploading avatars or attachments.
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