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Author Topic:  The mysterious Ag dps  (Read 5519 times)

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« Reply #15 on: 03, October 2007, 13:33:13 »
did you factor in also for the max dam the mobs resistance? the mob does have natural resistance to attacks like you do, but that may not count with ag cause i'm not sure what kind of attack ag is considered (like pierce slash or what not)
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« Reply #16 on: 03, October 2007, 15:01:29 »
Quote from: "Husavik"
First I confirm that resistance of mobs was considered of course in the calculation of max damage

Yep I did St Fear  :D


« Reply #17 on: 03, October 2007, 15:27:01 »
I think...

/create bolt item_quality ?? item_condition ?? nrof ??? magic ?

so... for 500 +2 bolts with 90 con/qua

/create bolt item_quality 90 item_condition 90 nrof 500 magic 2

a beginners guide to making ammo with the /create tool 8)
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« Reply #18 on: 03, October 2007, 18:16:25 »
Opps, i see a glitch name has to be proper item name "iron bolt"  I learned that while making /apply macros.
or "pine arrow" or  "flint sling stone" (could be wrong on stone, I don't macro that often, tho there's is generice flint throw rock.)

What is  "nrof"  natural rate of fire? as in weapon "fly" speed?
Item name, item qa, item speed, and if magic. ?
Just for giggles what is the "make a sword" one? LC, tho i bet i'll never use it.

*edit*  What gets me is you guys call it a bug, when it's b3 style old, that doesn't at that time have need to take in multiable factors. It looks to be from the outside a fixed line of math that has very few imput changes for STR, DEX, str/dex,  Ammo QA/dmg, ammo-bowfirespeed/divide as into = dps, and CHAR lvl scail is divide to-set max limit dps.
That's char lvl divide-- the killer to this in math configs for b4 standards-- I think. It missed out on the weapon restrict max dmg style, might be mono off balanced because of how it applys to dmg+ items. Example: A  lvl 4 with dmg+2 = 15-18 applyed dmg with throw? 0.o  *edit*

On a lesser note, dmg+ items with Ranged  throw/archery do not scail sufficently enuf  IMO to keep up a smooth curve, untill lvl 10  dmg+2 throw outclasses magic in firepower, then at lvl 20 does nearly half and with no sufficent incress in dmg attack applyed.
 It Also appers that they are trying to simple change the "weapons Bow speed or Rate of fire (RoF) Or "Launcher"  dps/dmg base on weapon instead of re-tuning the more complex codes governing it.


« Reply #19 on: 03, October 2007, 23:31:35 »
nrof is number of.

So how any do you want to make

Try this out.

/create broadsword name Ultimate title "of power" dam 200 wc 50 item_quality 100 item_condition 100 weapon speed 1.000000 value 1000000 attack_godpower 100 attack_ice 100 magic 10 is_named 1 ego 1 identified 1 known_magical 1 weight 1 material_real 64

This produces:

Theoris' Ultimate broadsword +10 of power
(dps 520.00)(wc+50)(1.00sec)(Attacks:Slash +100%, Godpower +100%, Ice +100%)
It needs a level 1 in physique to use
Qua: 100 Con: 100
It's made of: Crystal
It weighs: 0.001 kg
It is worth 1 mithril coin

Keep playing around and you'll be amazed what you can make

P.S "/create bolt" makes an Iron Bolt 80/80
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« Reply #20 on: 04, October 2007, 09:12:17 »
lol, nice sowrd - I would pay u the 1 mith hehe
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nowadays collector of cursed things

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« Reply #21 on: 04, October 2007, 11:55:06 »
P.S. MT! Look at my amazing /create skills and please make me a DM so i can use it :lol:
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« Reply #22 on: 04, October 2007, 14:19:54 »
As i predict its bug cause displayed DPS is like with arrows with qua-con 100 i think...
i used con 85 arrow ....hit for 152 mine max hit with con 80 arrows was 143 ... but displayed dps didnt change.....


« Reply #23 on: 04, October 2007, 14:23:37 »
another note on this.....dps is calculated from bow/xbow/sling damage setting which is then transferred to the ammo for the attack as ammo has no dam setting of its own now.
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« Reply #24 on: 05, October 2007, 14:52:33 »
I think drace makes even less sense in the forums than in-game. Who can follow any of this? Have we figured out the DPS thing with AG yet or is it a bug or .... ? *sigh*
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« Reply #25 on: 05, October 2007, 15:58:50 »
I'm following it fine, but i did already have a lil' knowledge about this particular bug.

I don't know if it is a bug or intentional and just poorly represented.
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« Reply #26 on: 06, October 2007, 01:01:58 »
Has MT said anything about this in the past?
Some of you may remember me in-game as Stcrisis.


« Reply #27 on: 17, February 2019, 09:37:00 »
Hi ;-)

Hum ... I don't know if I was not believed, or if nobody took care, qnd I'm pretty sorry to be obliged to insist more than 10 years later .... but,  the fact is shown AG dps is still wrong.

In summarize :   shown AG dps in doll is higher than in reality.

Details are in my first message in this thread. My new char has of course new stats, but phenomena is rigourously indentical.

Cheers ;-)


« Reply #28 on: 21, February 2019, 22:15:51 »
its 12 years later ...

fun ;)
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« Reply #29 on: 01, March 2019, 08:11:19 »
I will take a look at this in about 2 weeks when I return from a work trip. I promise! :)
-- _people_ :)


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