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Author Topic:  Guilds  (Read 110 times)

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« on: 01, May 2024, 10:32:41 »
I added more guilds to game. Guilds need for sure more balancing.


Fighters are forbidden to use mage and priest spells. Instead they gain resist all 30%. They also get bonus to str, dex, con, ac, wc, damage and transfer some of their mana/grace to hp. They have also some hp regen. Hp regen is now working during battle, like mana/grace regen. They gain also 100% exp bonus for the ph skills.

For sure fighters want the 4 pieces of Kilrin Fighter Gear. This is rebalanced now and adds more resists, str, dex, con, hp, hp regen at the costs of mana/grace. Players can trade their old kilrin gear to new version in stonehaven inn talking to Old Hobo. We must see if the new kilrin is to op now, if so we can easy rebalance for all players, because new version is targeting the arches and is no more definied unique.

Running around with 4 pieces Kilrin of the Warrior and as a fighter, grants big resists, buffed hp and big life regen in total. So fighters are able to stand between multiply mobs same time. For sure if they go to hard in crowded areas, their resists, hp pool and life regen could still lead to a tabernackle express. We must wait and see, what new fighter "class" can do on mobs. Additionally we should buff polearm damage at some point, so fighters are somehow capable of attacking multiply targets.

Fighters need potions or devices to clean poison, drain, depletion. Iluma market has a new delivery of cure poison, restoration and remove depletion potions for that.

Joining the fighter guild is combinded to the existing iluma fighing academy. Talk to warrior Sam.


Paladin should be also a fighterclass, but capable of using prayers. Atm they can use also cause light wound spells, but could be this will be changed in future? They should be focused more on melee and hallowed ground for their battle style. They have 20% resists all and addionally bonuses for str, dex, con, wis, cha, ... In sum they are weaker and less resistent compared to the fighters, but have some bonus on priest stats and can use prayers.

It depends on players, if they want build their paladin more focused on ph or more focus on wisdom. We must wait and see, how usefully this guild is.

You can join this guild in mantibow church.


They are focused on ag. This guild needs some more balancing. You find their guildmaster in mantibow tavern. He is also trainer for traps and range skills.

Battle Mages

This is experimental. They are not allowed to use spells directly. Instead they work ph with channeling attack. So their mana is their damage. Additionally they focus on devices. This way they can run around with mainly every armour they want to use, trying to hit melee with channel attack or using devices.

For that, devices are buffed to use pow/int from characters to increase device damage. Game need more items with channel attack and guild need more balance. This guild is more a specialization for late game.
Battle mages could focus on channel/mana builds to max their melee damage, they could try a hybrid ph/mana damage build or focus on devices. This guild needs for sure the most work, to make it a good balance.

You can join the guild at iluma battle mages north west of iluma. Their entrance is a "little" hidden. They have a shop and a device trainer.


This is old guild and need some rebalancing. With paladin guild, we could restrict priests perhaps to not use polearm/2handed weapons? Perhaps add some more buffs to stats? Priest guild has a new shop, helping their new recruits with some good early gear. I tested there guildbinded items. This needs some additionally logic to unapply guild restricted gear, when leaving/switching guilds. (guild.lua)


Mercenaries need some more balancing. With fighter and paladin guild, the mercenaries need a new definition. Atm they are focused on melee and range. They can also use priest spells and mage spells.


For sure we need to rebalance this guild. They dont should use polearm or 2handed weapons.


Guildless are free from restrictions by guilds, but also don't get any bonuses.

Next I want add a better logic, where players can see their guild restrictions and bonuses. Could be done very easy with an additionally function in guilds.lua and a kind of npc/mirror you can talk to perhaps.
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