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Author Topic:  Enchantments  (Read 212 times)

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« on: 11, April 2024, 17:48:26 »
This will be long workflow to build a good system. We must also differenciate, if we want build a new item with an enchantment, if we want to enchant an old item, if we want enchantments we can undo later and if we want enchantments only temporary on items.

Doing the easiest things first, we currently can build wild whatever we want, using loadobject function.

This is perfect to build easy from script side and whatever we want. For sure this (must) lead to unique objects. We can't connect such things to a database. This would kill the whole logic, if we need to add an item first to a kind of database(file). Mappers and scripters would be chained.

This logic is perfect to build permanent enchantments on new created items once, without the ability to undo this later. I changed npc_shop to be able to build this way.

Currently mage shop is selling 2 new rings build this way, but we can add now, whatever we want.

This way builded items are mainly "enchanted" only by name. We don't need to track/count the amount of enchantments. They are build once and that is it.

Next step could be to add enchantements to an existing object. This should be also permanent and restricted to "enchant count" like you can add one extra enchantment on bronze ring, two on silver ring ...
This goes more in the direction of crafting than enchantment. Here it could be also nice feature if players can rename their crafted rings.

We need some kind of rules, that you can't add +x pow, where pow is before. So you can only add one extra stat on a bronze ring, if this is not there before. For sure allowing to enchant older 3 stats rings should be a nogo. So we need extra stats, like "enchantments" and "enchantments max". This could lead to nice new npc crafting logics. These enchantments are for sure also permanent.

Next is coming to buffs. Here we want a kind of "we can add and remove buffs". Perhaps we go here better for slot mechanics on items, each slot you can add a buff, gem, whatever you can find in game. Could be later players have powerfull items for their slots.

Finally we could also add a mechanic for temporary buffs, like players can add poison on their weapons for some time or a mage cast fire weapon spell ...

For sure bebeniss buff system should be removed/used different way and adding multiply masks to a spawnpoint mob like in dungeons is more usefully to build powerful multistat items once.
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