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Author Topic:  Bugged requirements on level 0 items.  (Read 354 times)

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« on: 07, April 2024, 12:25:19 »
Generating inferior/superior on items, where we have no skill requirements, leading to level requirements without skill restrictions.

So players find require lvl 80 gear instead of require lvl 80 ma gear for example.

I checked this with an item in map like
Code: [Select]
arch girdle_cloth
amask 172_girdle_3_power-item
x 5
y 10
This way I got a clean overwriting "require xx ma".
Also saving and loading, dropping in appartment, ... didn't change this.

So we must have a bug around this "editor 2:" masking in artifact.c and the generation process via treasure list "artifact" command. There must be something different in relation to amask logic.

I found a line coat if interior intelligence. (coat_expensive). This is generated correctly with lvl 4 ma requirement. Looks like we need to find more items, to see if and when items are generated wrong.
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