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Author Topic:  Spell attunements and spell damage.  (Read 110 times)

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« on: 06, April 2024, 17:13:03 »
Rtt and me discussed some time about clw, bullet and hallowed ground spell.

Atm clw is death path, but inflicts weapon magic damage, where bullet is chaos path and inflicts weapon magic.

We changed hallowed ground spell to be in path light for server and client. Hallowed ground is attacking with godly power and we need to choose one path for this spell. We have bebeniss amulett named "talisman of godliness", which has life and light attunment.

So hallowed ground is defined now: damage is godly power coming from light path.
We should define,that life spells are more the healing side of light, where light can be the damage site of light.

Looking this talisman, it forbids to use death spells. Here we come to next logic we should rethink.

Cause light wounds is a death path and should also inflict death damage. Could be interesing to build a grey/black bullet for that spell and focus this more on death priests.

In relation to this our "light priests" need a replacement for clw, coming from light path. Could be use clw spell more in yellow color for this.

Atm I would add another spell, like a kind of holy smite/hammer, where early priests start with and clw is more the start spell for the dark site.

Coming to bullet this is atm path chaos and weapon magic. Bullet would be better a kind of arcane spell i think, but keep it weapon magic.

To help out on attunement light we have add this to bard ring. Using bebenis talisman is atm not good for priest, because this forbid clw spells.
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