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Author Topic:  why our containers have no inventory pointers in lua ?  (Read 64 times)

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« on: 22, September 2023, 14:26:55 »
Code: [Select]
if obj.type==game.TYPE_CONTAINER then
 pl:Write("container : " .., game.COLOR_YELLOW)
 -- why our containers have no inventory pointers in lua ???
 if obj.inventory==nil then
  pl:Write("inv is null", game.COLOR_YELLOW)
I get on all my containers null? I can't browse recursive the containers in lua with this null pointers.  :(
Looking in daimonin_object.c we have

Code: [Select]
/* All entries MUST be in same order as field_id enum above */
struct attribute_decl GameObject_attributes[] =
{"inventory", FIELDTYPE_OBJECT, offsetof(object_t, inv), FIELDFLAG_READONLY, 0},
also what is the meaning of this comment line?
/* All entries MUST be in same order as field_id enum above */
There is no field_id enum above?  ::)

Cool, same lua code is working today on a newer server folder.  :o

Wow, someone really trolls me, close to the moment, when i thought, now church.lua script is finished, all containers have again no inv->pointers.  :'(

Ok, the troll was me.

Containers have only an inv pointer when they have at least one item in. Without items in the inv pointer is for sure null. *bump against the wall* Yes, sometimes learning things could be a hard life session.  ::)
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« Reply #1 on: 03, October 2023, 02:55:34 »
Yep, on both the server C side and the Lua side, obj->inv or object.inventory are null/nil with nothing inside. This is because inventories are stored in a linked list, so inventories are iterated via obj->inv->next.

Lua has a global function for iterating inventories: for obj in obj_inventory(parent) do ... end

This will do nothing if the object has no inventory.
-- _people_ :)


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