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Author Topic:  Royal titles, royal shop  (Read 135 times)

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« on: 18, March 2023, 01:32:52 »
I wrote down some notes around the royal family. Some ideas for player titles and a royal shop logics. Asked also players in game about prices and ideas.

Here is a very basic workflow.

First you need to become a knight and get the titel "Sir" or "Dame".
To get the sir/dame titel you need to impress the royal family by doing some quests first?
To buy higher titles you need money. Could be also more quests between buying next title?

Titel are prestige or can reduce prices in shops? Can allow reaching more areas in royal basement? Or also special dungeons/maps?
Buying titles can not be skipped, so for Duke you need total 15 mith?
Baron -   Baroness 1 mith
Viscount - Viscountess 2 mith
Earl - Countess 3 mith
Marquess - Marchioness 4 mith
Duke - Duchess 5 mith

With high enough titel you have access to the royal jewelier, where you can buy rar random drops for money and/or special currency?

example for a RoM / RoA price

10 mith plus 1 worldboss "soul" or a "voucher to buy an item" from royal jewelier

So you need world bosses or raids to get the special currency to buy one piece from shop
and money?

This is only a roadmap to think about this idea.
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« Reply #1 on: 18, March 2023, 21:09:52 »
Here are my thoughts in no particular order.

1. Titles would need to have more benefits than just a shop. If for example you need to be a Duke to buy a RoA/RoM etc then it's going to be much more efficient for one person to be a Duke and act as an intermediary. Why spend 15m to be a duke when you can just give me 10m and I can buy a RoA for you. If on the other hand each rank boost also gave a stat boost (+1 str/dex/con/int/wis/pow/cha) per level I'm pretty sure a lot of people would want to be a Duke regardless of shop for the +5 to all stats boost. If special dungeons did exist they'd need to justify high cost to access them.

2. I'm personally not a huge fan of multiple currencies being required since you're always going to have a limiting currency. Being realistic lets say person runs a raid and everyone gets a worldboss "soul" then it's likely very few will be able to afford the mithril cost. On the other hand grinding for money will also be pointless if you can't acquire worldboss "soul" easily and if you can then it's redundant as 10m is harder to get.

3. Just to give a current implementation would I be correct in saying it's like cider shop with a special currency and items for sale being rare drops. In that case these quests would give the special currency as a reward with better ranks giving access to better shops and/or better discounts. Presumably there would also be a way to buy that currency. It would also mean that people could choose to cash in their rewards or save them up for a better item that costs more.
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