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Author Topic:  Hail to the tabernackle of life ...  (Read 24 times)

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« on: 01, December 2021, 17:21:31 »
Hail to the tabernackle of life ...

The tabernackle of life is fighting for the life since life exists. But if you think, that's a daimonin story only, then you are wrong. You can see this fight in each story, in history, in films and in real.

There are always this two sides. One is asking you: "What do you want?" And the other is asking you: "Who are you?" This is your ego against your body.

So you gained this body from the tabernackle of life. It's a circle. All life must die. And perhaps all death will be reborn, we don't know. We can't see that far. But to live, means you must also die.

Currently the tabernackle of life is attacked by masses of dark forces. Call it demons, or call them humans going more for their ego, than for their life. That's reason you find the most ego's all around the world in leading positions. Our whole planet is leaded by strong ego's, lots of them going to dark. That's ugly. The dark side, i call it ego side always dominate the masses. The light side, this is the other side, don't go for this ego thing. They want you to find your body. Find the tabernackle. See the life. See your body. They want to heal your body and soul.

So if world goes currently to darkness, all of us can do this fight for there own. You can look more to your body, this masterpieces of logic and manifestion, we all get as a gift from the tabernackle of life.

I give an example. If you smoke you go this dark ego way. Your body don't want that shit. Same if you go for alcohol or drugs. That's always a missunderstanding of your body. You think your body needs that, so body feels better, yeah but it's more a kind of withdrawal. You get dependent to this shit and then you think you need it, to feel better.

Go this way, the dark way, the easy way, but later don't ask, why life is punishing me so hard? If you go this way and lie to yourself, what do you think, this "men in white" doing with you? If you are lucky, they say, stop smoking. But most of these mens are smiling at you, thinking what a foul. But that's good for me, i need to pay my next rent. So yeah, "Looks like you have asthma. Come every week to inhalate, buy this inhalation for home and use this pills, 2 each day. Nice to help you." hahaha, what a foul.

So everyone can help the tabernackle of life, if he cares more about his own body, than his ego.

And then you see the whole world is lying to you. All places are these dark humans, trying to sell you things, lying to you, because they only want your money to upkeep their own lifestyles.

Hospitals need to sell their operations and their bedplaces, if they run commercial. All higher places you find more and more these dark humans. You can call it deepstate, for the humans searching for power or lobbyismus for the humans searching for money. And you find it also in ecclesiastical powers. They call it religion.

So to fight for the tabernackle of life, you first must to understand the tabernackle of life.
« Last Edit: 01, December 2021, 17:42:38 by Dolfo »
Don't believe the shit, you hear in mainstream. Believe your own body. Your body is speaking always the true to you. But you need to understand your body. Hear to your body, not to your ego. And when body is calling to you: "Hey something is wrong!" find the reason(s) for that. School medicine don't go for that, they don't want to heal you. They want earn money and sell you medicine, you should take rest of you life. School medicine is corrupted by bad humans, like politician, like media.


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