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Author Topic:  Labyrinth  (Read 22 times)

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« on: 28, November 2021, 23:22:56 »
Damn i forgot so much in this game. But that's good. So i can understand better new players.

I got lost in labyrinth. 2 keys but still one closed door? I tried to cheat, searching here in forum, but didn't find a hint. So i dropped my 2 keys, and tried again to understand the logic, which key is for which door. I find out that both keys i got, are more for a kind of escape doors. But i still missed the one key. I bumped against every wall searching for secret walls, killed each monster multiply times. But nothing. Finally i tried to kill some slimes in level 1 and yeah. But this is really a hard logic there.  :o

Corporal Smethwich informed me before, that i can go threw this door, when i have the right key. Perhaps a better hint from this guy like "He lost his key for the door on slimes"? Or a quest inside this map, he asks you to find his key on slimes?. But i think a small hint on guard text would be a nice help. If players always need a shout and ask other players to finish quests, this feels bad. Feeling for a player is better, if he made the quest without the help from other players.

Also this dungeon is nice, but it's very well hidden. Perhaps later a castle quest to bring some rations to the guards? This is a nice way to show new players the early maps on human plane. Often new players run past all this nice early places.
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