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Author Topic:  Manuel Combat System / Automated Combat System  (Read 39 times)

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« on: 28, November 2021, 00:36:23 »
Ok now we go to insane.  :P

Currently you have two different combat systems, having problems to work together in game balance and interface.

So think of this:

1. Step

You need to implement close fighting in tab skill and implement to launch a close attack with ctrl + direction key. This is hardest step, because client must handle this too.

Now players can do close attack without x and c key.

But we have this cool logic with x and c, why waste this?

Instead we can use it for an automated combat system.

Step 2:

x target enemy, c goes to automated combat system
combat mode no more launch the static close attack, instead it takes the choosed skill from tab bar,
then it looks if enemy is in one of the 8 directions and checks the distance from choosed skill.
Of course it also checks, if a choosed skill is an attack skill and wait for the cooldown.

This way you have still manuel combat for more experienced players and with more micromanagement.

But you have also a new attack system for newer players. They only need to toogle this mode on, target an enemy and can rotate their attackskills with tab or load skills with fkeys. They can also target enemys and do the rest with mouse now.

And you have also the old hit and run back, but now it works with all attack skills and all attack ranges.

And you can build different attack skills for fighter classes, like a powerslash with more damage but higher cooldown.


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« Reply #1 on: 28, November 2021, 05:10:09 »
I think any addition of melee skills would be great. The default attack or basic attack of target and press c seems fine. But after getting some levels in PH perhaps learning some skills that hit harder, or faster at the cost of stamina(think mana).

Would not mind it one bit if it worked exactly like spells but only had a range of 1 space away. Obviously animation wise would be a struggle but even just a text description and seeing the damage difference or hearing the difference would at least feel like you're doing something rather then waiting down a timer. 

Alternatively a passive skill like Riposte that would deal damage when you get hit would be cool.


« Reply #2 on: 28, November 2021, 22:42:34 »
Working on this right now.

ATM I have written some code for a "rage" skill which will buff the player's attack speed, but drains life during its effect. Could be fun.

I also made melee skills able to be used manually. They can do so without being in combat mode, because it's important that they are able to see their target's HP without auto-attacking. There are a few bugs here, but they look easy enough to squash. EDIT: I fixed all the bugs I've found, could be some left though.

After that I'll probably add a multi-hit skill, which allows hitting multiple targets (I think 3 will do, 1 in the direction you aim and the 2 adjacent tiles).
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-- _people_ :)


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