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Author Topic:  Required Level experience  (Read 120 times)

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« Reply #15 on: 24, November 2021, 22:18:36 »

I'll also add that it's not a glitch and merely how the XP system works. The higher the level of the enemy you kill the more XP you get so it's logical to aim to kill the strongest enemy you can take down

Yes but if a level 17 can kill a level 63 that's inbalanced. I have played another game in past with a friend. He killed a monster really far out of his level range by archery. He fought 1 hour with this troll running around a big house complex. I was sitting there with my close combat char and was fishing and was upporting him with my make arrow spell, so each 5 minutes he come to my place he could grab some new arrows. That was funny, but to say this is the normal way to play a game is wrong.

Nice that you manged to killed the treant with 2 different kinds. I don't want discuss with you, that you are a better player. I tried it with magic bullett and failed. Need some more training on timing and running so treant don't dodge me. But you logic is still a power leveling logic out of normal game play. Normal players avoid purple or probe them first and don't attack monster 50 levels higher.
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« Reply #16 on: 28, November 2021, 05:21:17 »
I think a larger issue is that there is very little guidance for newer players to find new 'leveling grounds'.

People from b4/b3 time know Stoneglow quite well but new to Daimonin players probably don't even find out Stoneglow exists without another player telling them. That goes for a lot of the dungeons that Daimonin has, if there isn't a quest that directs you there that's easy to find, or starts in a 'quest hub' it devolves into exploring and hoping for the best.

Some maps have easier purple mobs to kill then others, but they are not known by newer players so the 'grind' seems tedious.


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