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Author Topic:  skills  (Read 89 times)

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« on: 19, August 2021, 00:04:39 »
I feel that with how magic is or well ranged attacks in general.. it sort of feels pointless using melee unless there are some melee skills added or something.  I feel there should be trap laying skills for rangers and maybe attacks that hit in an arc for melee or if using a pierce weapon then maybe a skill that hits 1x3 long


« Reply #1 on: 19, August 2021, 05:46:49 »
I agree that specializations other than mage should have more attacks available. It's on my TODO list. ATM I'm still putting off writing a quest (or another method) to get the Hallowed Ground prayer available to players. It's basically a trap used by priests.

At some point I had working code to make melee users with polearms attack up to 2 tiles away; I'd like that to be 2 tiles for 2h and 3 for polearm, but it would take some rebalancing due to players having such high movement speed compared to mobs. Another skill I've looked into is something like a "shield bash" for 1h users. We'd need to implement a second action timer though - it would be pretty useless if it took the place of their standard attack.
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« Reply #2 on: 19, August 2021, 07:01:29 »
2h would be cool to have a attack that sweeps while polearm has a lunge. Even having stuff for fists would be cool like a flurry of blows kind of thing where it punches 3 times and the same could be for daggers maybe? like a quick double stab.  For mages maybe have runes you can place down that explode in a small aoe or shoot a fireball that explodes in a small aoe.

It would also be interesting to have ways other than quests to gain skills, be it from books you find or other means where you dont have to go about to kill something or gather something to learn something. Maybe have minor skills you can buy scrolls for that will teach you then while stronger stuff you learn through quests which would also save time meaning you wont have to make a quest for every skill you decide to make.

Maybe also have a skill or well something that lets you improve damage on enemies that you have killed heaps of, like you've gained experience on fighting a certain mob so of course you should know the vital spots to attack or something so you should maybe get a little bonus here or there.

Another skill could be for coating weapons in poison or things that give them an elemental bonus for lets say 100 strikes or something like that.

Another thing is when you start to have so many skills there is usually some you will just end up spamming unless you have some other incentive to mix spells/skills up. So maybe have a flame spell that burns mobs over time then you swap to standard other spell or have a staff which wizards should use that maybe amplyfies certain elements. maybe split up leveling certain schools of magic rather than leveling all of it as a whole so it can be more specialized.
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« Reply #3 on: 22, August 2021, 02:35:45 »
If it helps actually the main way to gain strength is through levels and items. It should be noted that mages do learn extra spells and melee gets quests for 2h weapons and polearm but that's essentially a one off boost and not a huge impact on the scale of things.

Levels are pretty consistent along each attack type.

The reason that magic/prayers seems good at the beginning is that the only items that boost magic damage are attunements that can only stack a single time so the initial damage is very close to the max achievable damage. So early on and if you don't have a lot of equipment magic is definitely easiest way to get stronger faster especially as mana shortages can be made up with food and sniping from long range against stronger foes can give XP very fast especially as some spells are AoE.

However on the long run melee damage does give you the highest damage output as for example increasing str increases damage, various equipments have dam+ and to top it all off some items give you an additional % melee damage of a separate attack type (e.g. poison, fire, ice, lighting etc). Just to put it into perspective a maxed mage can only do 353 damage max while a maxed out melee fighter can do over 2000 dmg.

If giving advice on how to play I would advise maxing magic and/or prayers first so you can obtain the powerful melee items and then train melee when you've got benefit of extra HP and stats.

It should also be noted that depending on where you are you'll find the magic or melee is more effective. This is down to both the design of the dungeon and also down the mobs as they may resist certain attack types.
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