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Author Topic:  Offline play  (Read 1307 times)

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« on: 24, December 2020, 09:25:57 »
This is probably gonna make me seem stupid, and I can't find an answer in the forums that satisfies this question. I haven't played this game since 2009, and I had Internet then. (I'm using a Chromebook right now.) Can I use the map editor package to play this offline?


« Reply #1 on: 24, December 2020, 14:44:49 »
You can play offline with the editor package, but you won't have access to most of the maps in the game. You'll have access to a handful of early-game maps only.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #2 on: 24, December 2020, 14:46:06 »
I think the answer is yes and no.

Technically you can run a server and then connect a client to it locally and play the game. As it's your own server you can make yourself a SA/GM/MM/VOL etc if you wish. However there are a few caveats. Firstly not all the maps are available that I believe was to prevent players using mapmaker package to find special drops etc but may well have a knock on effect on quests. Secondly as it is a separate server all progress is limited to your personal server and won't apply online.
Doesn't matter, you'd die anyway. ;D Shroud's a hacker. After many hours of deep thought I have came to that conclusion.


« Reply #3 on: 24, December 2020, 22:28:14 »
Thats fine, once I get Internet, I can join the rest of the players with a fresh character. Is there any sort of guide to using the map editor to play?


« Reply #4 on: 25, December 2020, 07:54:01 »
I've just looked at it and it's somewhat outdated:

Here's a more up-to-date version (I'll update wiki in a bit):

1. In server/install/win32 run the install.bat file (assuming Windows, otherwise use the linux folder)
2. Run w32_start_server.bat from the base mapmaker folder (on linux you'll need to compile it yourself)
3. Right-click your client shortcut and click "properties". In the "Target" field, add a space and --local to the end. (For Linux, just run the client with --local switch)

From there you can launch the client and there should be a "LOCAL" server option for you to connect to. Create a new account and character and start playing. :)
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #5 on: 25, December 2020, 09:49:39 »
This worked, thank you!


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