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Author Topic:  plane crash  (Read 450 times)

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« on: 04, September 2020, 11:16:08 »
Code: [Select]
LUA-CH:MW:`|Daimonin|` >...s//planes/human_plane/islands/gr_islands_airport.lua:66: attempt to concatenate local 'count' (a nil value)
me=~boarding stairs[3048504] ~
activator=~Valcandos[2917348] ~
stack traceback:
../maps/lua/plugin_init.lua:203: in function <../maps/lua/plugin_init.lua:156>
[C]: ?
...s//planes/human_plane/islands/gr_islands_airport.lua:66: in main chunk<

Haven't had time to look at this but I've just spotted it in the chat logs. IDK how it was triggered but I can check the tech logs when I get home.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #1 on: 04, September 2020, 12:13:49 »
Mine! Will check out now.

(Please contact me for any islands problems.)

This is the code in question:
Code: [Select]
local count -- used in cabin leg

count = ds:Get("flight_attendant") -- count used as temporary variable here.
if not count or count == 1 then    -- if count is 1, player logged out while
                                   -- talking to flight attendant, so reset.
    ds:Set("flight_attendant", 0)
TRACE ("flight_attendant = "..count)

Line 66 is the TRACE statement. Tracing is off - but presumably Lua parses the statement first regardless.  Maybe that's a booboo on my part: assuming a nil quantity  tests false (must check that in doc).

Just before that I have this code, where I test explicitly for a nil value:
Code: [Select]
local flight_state = ds:Get("flight_state")
if flight_state == nil then
    flight_state = 0
    ds:Set("flight_state", 0)

No excuse for this sloppiness and I will now get out my cat of nine tails and chastise myself, Game of Thrones style.

Just found this in Stack Overflow:
Guy asks why not nil returns true, and gets the answer "What do you expect it to return?"  :)

Will fix right away and commit. Will require a reboot of course - if no one is on I'll do that. (Haven't worked out the syntax to reduce the time from the default 5 minute countdown yet.)
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« Reply #2 on: 04, September 2020, 14:44:28 »
_people_: Puzzled by the activator in your quoted log - user Valcandos doesn't appear to exist.

Ah! Forum member names != player names. Wanted to PM that player to apologise and say it was now fixed. The disconnect is unhelpful.
« Last Edit: 04, September 2020, 14:53:27 by grommit »


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