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Author Topic:  Stone Glow Dogs  (Read 4945 times)

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« Reply #15 on: 19, April 2020, 12:46:23 »
Thank you for the response Joe.
Sadly it didn't work.
I did delete the helmet_killrin_warrior.arc file and even the .png art files that went with it.
I also updated both the SVN arches & maps a few days ago in case there  were updates / changes, not wanting any surprises.
However, I am still getting the same error.
I do remember when we (you) swapped out the Killrin Helmet for I think it was the Raas as we were adding all the new Priest gear drops and switched some of the drop locations in the process.
Very frustrating because I know my server was still working after all those adds / moves so why it isn't now is a mystery.
The simplest solution under normal circumstances would be to uninstall the server completely and re-install it but given my history with clean installs of the server this not my first choice - myself and new sever installs are really adversarial and it is not unusual for it to take 2 weeks (no pun here) to get it going properly.
Really wanted to knock this out this W/E but I guess coming in 2 weeks is the Daimonin way  ;D 
This yellow is really bright....
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My retirement the Grim Reaper


« Reply #16 on: 19, April 2020, 16:19:05 »
When you updated the maps in svn you also have to move those maps into mapmaker. ;)  The helmet was moved from Jagged Caves so you might still have the old .art file there.  It should now be in GT3.  When I work on a map I copy it directly from svn and put it in mapmaker maps.  Usually I don't have ALL the maps there since it would be a pain to keep them updated.  This should help but if not let us know.

Edit: Also I've noticed mapmaker doesn't like .art files so what I do is delete them from the maps.  This might not be the correct way but it's the easiest for me. 
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« Reply #17 on: 20, September 2020, 17:16:50 »
Well, this was proposed back in April but not been implemented. Since I have a vested interest in the dogs and their puddles (which don't seem to appear by the way), what is happening with this?

(Moving them to somewhere more suitable makes a lot of sense, so in agreement with that.)


« Reply #18 on: 22, July 2021, 09:29:22 »
The assumption that dogs are always-happy-harmless-pets is incorrect.  Look at footage from war-torn areas.  Packs of dogs roam the streets and hunt for food.


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