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Author Topic:  Unity 2D client  (Read 5260 times)

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« Reply #60 on: 18, June 2022, 14:27:10 »
1) Yep, ATM there's no way  to rebind keys and I have it set to arrow keys as default. I started playing on a laptop which didn't have a numpad, so I'm used to playing with only arrow keys. I also added the ability to press 2 adjacent movement keys at once for moving diagonally, which AFAIK isn't possible on SDL 1.2. I'll eventually add a keybind menu.

I'm not sure about arrow keys moving in the wrong direction. They're moving as expected on my computer. How "wrong" is the direction they're moving? Is it something like pressing "up" moves the character down/south, or is it just off by 45 degrees?

Mouse movement got broken at some point after it was working, so now it'll only move you in 1 direction. It's on my list of things to fix.

2) I think the excessively large character select buttons are a side effect of screen resolution compatibility changes I'm in the middle of. Should be fixed soon.

3) That's odd. S/X work fine for targeting for me. T talks as expected. Shift doesn't do anything yet - inventory is toggled with I or by clicking Menu > Inventory.

What keyboard layout are you using? I can't imagine there's significant difference in Unity's implementation of US vs. UK keyboards, but that's the only difference I can think of.

EDIT: Forgot to mention: Since there's no way to exit the client yet (I use the Unity editor to run the client so I haven't bothered yet) log out (Menu > Logout) and press Alt+F4.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #61 on: 18, June 2022, 15:12:56 »
Ah yes - Alt/F4 forgot about that. For some odd reason it now works! No sound unfortunately. Until you mentioned it, I didn't realise those were separate buttons for the character selection.

And I think the reason I couldn't get s and t to work at first was that I had the text box open and the s's and t's were going in there!! Doh!

It took me a while to suss out the cursor keys but once I worked that out it was fine. I thiink "wrong" direction was just me getting confused.

Nice work.


« Reply #62 on: 18, June 2022, 15:15:20 »
One small detail which I expect you're aware of - when you log out, the login box re-appears and you can select the server and type in username and password, but that's as far as it goes - you can't log in a second time.


« Reply #63 on: 18, June 2022, 15:27:29 »
Text box eating inputs is a problem in both the old and new clients, as it's not obvious in either client when it has focus. I think a solution here might be to set the chat to mostly-transparent when it doesn't have focus, and mostly-opaque when it does have focus.

Sound isn't implemented yet - I'm saving it for later because I think it'll be pretty easy.

As for movement keys - I set them up in a way which is intuitive to me, which isn't how the old client handles this by default. With the old client, cardinal directions are mapped to 7931 which never felt right to me. When I use numpad I have them set to 8624. It might take some acclimatisation for people who are used to playing on the old defaults, but once changing keybinds is implemented that won't be an issue.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #64 on: 18, June 2022, 16:31:47 »
To me 7931 is intuitive because they are pointing the same way as the isometric view you are looking at. So 9 moves the character at 45° compass-wise, which is isometric North. It's identical with the directional arrows for rotating arches in Gridarta. The default keybinding should be what the majority prefer.


« Reply #65 on: 18, June 2022, 16:40:41 »
Regarding keyboard differences, the only differences between the US and UK keyboards are the symbol placements. That's why it annoys me when games say it's the ~ key that brings up debug mode (is that Half-Life? I forget) when they mean the key at the top left below escape. It's not bound to the tilde character mapping at all - rather it's the raw code value that counts. On the UK keyboard, tilde is shifted # just to the left of the Enter key at the right end of the A-L row.


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