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Author Topic:  Hallo events closed  (Read 2719 times)

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« on: 08, October 2019, 21:09:50 »
For Smacky,
This year the Event quests are again closed / locked to anyone who has done the quests in previous years (now  year 3 I believe)
I believe it was last year that you commented / suggested that it would be possible to rename the events by year, HalloEvent_2019. ClobberEvent_2019, etc. to reset the quests.
As a /MM exactly how would I do that?
Do I change the LUA event name to xyz_2019?
Or does it require access to the Trunk to change event titles which I am 98% sure I don't have permission for.
If it requires /SA permissions, I am more than happy to do this task as a /TempSA so I can make the changes and then be demoted back to /MM.
Happy Halloween,
Myths  :-*
My retirement the Grim Reaper


« Reply #1 on: 08, October 2019, 23:36:32 »
Are you talking about the Hallo maps as a hole, or just the quest(s)?

The maps appear to be open to me, you just need to talk to the travel agent to trigger the script which sets the event status to "open".

If you're referring to resetting the quest, the way to do it is to add the current year to the end of the quest name. This way, even though you've completed "Holiday Spirit" (the original naming from 2010) the quest is now called "Holiday Spirit 2019". Nobody has completed the "Holiday Spirit 2019" quest yet (as it hasn't existed) so anyone can start it.

You'll likely want to do this for all the quests in the maps so that they can all be re-played. The only other quest I remember in the Hallo maps is Cat's Paw.

IIRC I added you to the daiserv commit access list a few months ago so now would be a great time to test that out. Have you done any commits to daiserv or mapwiz yet? The Halloween maps are stored on Daiserv so you'll need to svn checkout a copy of the maps.

To find the files you want to edit, walk over the NPC who gives the quest in MM mode and examine the "Lua" object inside of it. Examine it, and the "race" attribute is the filename of the quest. In the main quest's case, it's "clobber.lua". Then run /mapinfo to find the path to that script - remove the last part (the map filename) and you have the path - in this case "/events/hallo2010/". These two pieces together are the path to the script file ("/events/hallo2010/clobber.lua").

In the script file, look for "qb:AddQuest". This is the line which actually creates the quest and gives it a name. The first argument is the name of the quest ("Holiday Spirit") so you can just set that to "Holiday Spirit 2019" and it will be a brand new quest.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #2 on: 09, October 2019, 08:34:02 »
Ty _People_ for the quick info, response and instructions.
I was referring to the quests not the maps the title of 'Hallo events closed' would have been more descriptive to the problem as 'Hallo quests not reset'
I may let this year's event go by unchanged as I'm the only player currently who is quest denied and I really don't want to mess up the ability to get a quest for all the other players who don't have an issue - my fear is messing up the lua command line and by the time we got it fixed Hallo maps would be closed and ruin the fun for those who aren't effected (which is only me).
So, to keep all the powers that be here informed to my intentions - this month is a horrible month for me, work is a real pain and all time consuming, I only get on the game very sporadically and for 5 minutes at a time.
Hence, I will wait until the Hallo maps close so no innocents risk getting their quests blocked and then reset them for next year. This way if there is a problem we have year to find out what Myths did and fix it  ::)  If there isn't a problem then the maps will good to go for 2020, YaY!
In the future I will also contact you directly, the only reason I addressed this to Smacky was he had already given a solution from a year ago and was familiar with a fix - my problem was I couldn't find the forum thread from last year about it  :P
My retirement the Grim Reaper


« Reply #3 on: 09, October 2019, 15:58:47 »
I've reset them, they should work but you should test them for me. ;)
Whoever said "Out of sight, out of mind" never had a spider disappear in their bedroom.


« Reply #4 on: 10, October 2019, 00:14:52 »
Looking at the code, it looks good. And I tested the main quest as far as I could (some dolt made the tarrasque invulnerable so I can't complete it!) and it looks like it works.

I'll have to look into the Tarrasque some more because while the Lua script for him seems fine, somehow I can set f_invulnerable to true but not back to false. I think it's something to do with the (relatively) new MSP code but I'm not particularly familiar with that area so it may take a bit.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #5 on: 10, October 2019, 11:41:54 »
TY both Joe &  _People_ for the Hallo Reset/fix - the Hallo Event quest rewards are very unique and arguably some of the best in the game so it is nice to be able to participate in them.
The quests are reset and I got them but,
For Anon's quest he is not giving the Vial to fill with the poison so although I have the quest I can not complete it.
For the Tarrasque I did  kill it and got my reward.
Nice surprise that he can see invisibility and even bigger surprise (like, the size of the sun) when down to 15% HP or so he summoned a Golem to help him...._People_ IMO he is just a wee bit overpowered for the player who can't run through rocks and walls to spam food for instant re-heals and still required an hour to kill it.... 

Trick or treat he he
My retirement the Grim Reaper


« Reply #6 on: 10, October 2019, 17:38:27 »
Thanks for testing Myths, I've just reset the Vial quest so that should work now.
Whoever said "Out of sight, out of mind" never had a spider disappear in their bedroom.


« Reply #7 on: 10, October 2019, 23:25:19 »
What do you think I should do to nerf the Tarrasque, Myths? Should he have less health or should I remove his special abilities? Or perhaps make his special abilities much more infrequent?

ATM he only uses his special abilities at the highest 2 level instances (level 60+ I think) so I think for lower-level players he shouldn't be too difficult.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #8 on: 11, October 2019, 15:50:47 »
Imho, the insane amount of hp of Tarrasque make it simply far too boring to kill. I mean, not technically difficult, just boring. I tried yesterday and when (after some minutes, many hits, and still 98%hp left) I realized that it would take me one hour or two to kill I did prefer give up and let him kill me.

So let's keep its special abilities to make him hard to kill (the summoned golem is such a good idea !), why not give him still more abilities (those shadow demons could group with him, eg) but, please nerf his HP in a reasonable range, so that a kill in 10-15 mn stays possible.


« Reply #9 on: 18, October 2019, 18:38:01 »
Hi ;-)

I wonder if you didn't break Cat's Paw quest with reset (lost soul in Haunted Palace, lava chamber). I tried to do it with a low level alt and relevant corpse in swamp won't give me the required journal (corpse empty, no blue scrolling message).

Cheers  ;D


« Reply #10 on: 12, November 2019, 17:04:04 »
Hello. Tried to do Cats Paw quest in Haunted Palace (Im lvl 26). Got quest normally, but applying corpse near tree it showed it empty. Tried to apply even tree, but no luck. Went back to lost soul and it said i dont have the journal required.


« Reply #11 on: 12, November 2019, 21:29:22 »
Should be fixed now, sorry about that.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #12 on: 13, November 2019, 15:57:33 »
Got the quest done, thanks again.


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