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Author Topic:  Development Process, State of Development  (Read 1013 times)

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« on: 05, September 2019, 07:40:40 »
I hate to kick off a fresh topic if there's a better place for it, so please let me know if I should move this elsewhere.


Is there any documentation on the project's development/coding process (C standard, VCS branching details, etc.)?  Essentially, if volunteers wanted to make additions to the code, what is the process for doing so?  I tried reading through the existing forum links, but didn't see any clear guidelines.

All of this somewhat ties to the second question which is what is the current state of development? I read that Smacky was working (as of July) on a server rewrite, so it seems like contributions to the current server implementation wouldn't be terribly useful.  Are there other similar large-scale pushes to take Daimonin in various directions?

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« Reply #1 on: 07, September 2019, 03:35:35 »
There isn't really an established process. You can choose whatever project you like to work on and submit it for approval. Once you've got code approved we can add you to commit access on Sourceforge. The project has been worked on by many different people over the years (CF started in ~1992) so there are no clear standards enforced throughout code. There are a few small quirks (we use custom MALLOC's vice C's malloc, for example) but as we review your code we can give feedback. I suppose that's something we should document though.

I've been working a lot on huge client improvements and Smacky is working on the server. But I don't think that should preclude you from working on either. Start with small tweaks that we can merge in with our work, and maybe steer clear of bigger features while Smacky's working on the server.

You can visit the bugtracker at the top-right of the webpage. There's not much in there right now, but as you play you can add any bugs you find or even features suggest (and subsequently work on).
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #2 on: 07, September 2019, 17:25:19 »
I'll add that my server rewrite is going really well ATM -- in theory at least ;). Because  of various things it's very open-ended timewise -- it'll happen when it happens, not before, but possibly later.

I'm not much interested in the client so I'm currently holding off on incompatible features.


« Reply #3 on: 08, September 2019, 23:32:58 »
_people_: Where/how is code posted for approval? I noticed that outside of SDL, there aren't too many dependencies.  Is that deliberate, and is there aversion to incorporating other software packages?

To ease into things, I figured I could do something like work on the password system or audit existing code.  Do either of those look like reasonable first steps?

smacky: looking forward to seeing the rewrite!


« Reply #4 on: 09, September 2019, 03:37:45 »
The client uses PhysFS and SDL/SDL_Image/SDL_Mixer and the server uses Lua (built into the server, though). I personally prefer using fewer dependencies because it makes the setup easier both for users (Linux users need to install all 4 of those, plus the development libs for them) and devs (I've used libraries in the past which are an absolute pain in the rear to build). If you have a good reason to use one, though, it's worth discussing.

Just post a .diff file of whatever changes you make and post it to the forums if you'd like.

If you're talking about password hashing, that's definitely a good place to start. I think it'd be an easy feature to add and it's definitely something important we've been lacking.
-- _people_ :)


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