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Author Topic:  Thac update  (Read 339 times)

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« Reply #75 on: 06, August 2019, 10:41:04 »
It is possible. Requires a server update to send the info and a ckient update to receive abd display it. Not a huge amount of work but...


« Reply #76 on: 09, August 2019, 18:46:57 »
Almost done. Just need to describe a couple of macros. I did break down and try on local just so I don't look a total fool if it doesn't work. ;)

It does. I found and fixed another old bug (/create constrained all attrs to -100-100).


« Reply #77 on: 09, August 2019, 19:11:14 »
Just a note:  /generate caps at 200 which is good because there's really no need to make an item more powerful.  Cheers.


« Reply #78 on: 11, August 2019, 13:42:56 »
Released to trunk. Hopefully _people_ can updatee mapmaker release.

Can someone try a VC build? ISTR VC had problems with my style of macro so I might need to add a dumbed down version.


« Reply #79 on: 11, August 2019, 16:51:10 »
Hi Smacky,
Most /MM commands do not work for whatever reason so very sadly there is nothing I can do to start the testing. Without sounding stupid what is  VC build? Just for reference once mapmaker gets updated.
At this point I will try to stay in_game as much as I  can and hope RL allows Joe the time to come on and then swap equipment if he has it ready.
Regardless, I am and will begin testing asap - I see the word macro, am I supposed to do something with the macro?
I'm going to fumble the testing....
It would be nice to get a red rose


« Reply #80 on: 11, August 2019, 17:50:12 »
I'm going to fumble the testing....

hehe Nah.

I'm not entirely sure what may or may not work for MMs rihjyy now (don't tell me -- I'll find out from the code when I rewrite it). But on mapmaker just become a SA.

tHEN USE '/create ITEM thac* [-127-127]'. Where ITTEM is,  ie, cloak, shield, katana, etc. thac* is thac0 or thacm (or both might be interedting). And the range has been discussed a lot.

Examine your item. You get the (fumble/dh) thing. Plus as SA a dump.

Apply it. Do '/dump me' to see your new thac.

Go fightin' to check it works as expected.

Do everything you  can think of to break it. :)


« Reply #81 on: 12, August 2019, 07:54:49 »
Nice, good job, ty for all the work.
I have a good idea of what/how I can test, be sure I'll do if mapmaker is updated. My only possible help in game could be shouting advices ...


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