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Author Topic:  New prayer: Hallowed Ground  (Read 3933 times)

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« Reply #15 on: 13, May 2020, 10:39:49 »
I wanted to revive this thread as I think this is a unique chance to really player test this spell and make the Priest a more viable character at higher levels.
Hoping we can get it to Shroud and myself to test out and find any / all exploits.
I guess for now we can have the shady priest in the shadows sell us this forbidden arcane knowledge for a mith or 3.
I also love the idea of finding it in The Forgotten Book of Divine Knowledge that the Priest in MV (not the animated Priestess, the other one) could drop.
Anyway, will give people sitting at home something to do :)
My retirement the Grim Reaper


« Reply #16 on: 13, May 2020, 12:04:22 »
Well here's the list of the main issues I can come up with having not seen the specifics.

1. Can you stack multiple traps on 1 square? Could I in theory set 100 traps on same square and 1hitKO anything?
2. What's the duration of the trap? Can a player set traps over a whole dungeon?
3. Does the trap count as damage by the player or the environment. If it's the environment then players won't get loot/XP or alternatively can manipulate XP so it all goes to another skill.
4. If it affects other players in a non-pvp environment then I could in theory set a trap in Fanrir's basement and see all the new players instantly die.
5. Does trap trigger if a mob spawns on it? Will it trigger if I set a trap and mob is already in trap range?
6. Can attunements boost damage?

As far as balancing goes I'm unsure what is best dmg value. Assuming an open environment and a 5x5 square then lvl/2 dmg per trap would be my initial value. Reasoning being that assuming a mob hits 5 traps in a row it's 275 dmg at lvl 110 putting it in line with storm spells. Having said that it's best case scenario and in limited space 55 dmg is not a lot so it might need boosted from that value or it will turn into a situational skill. I'll also note that there is potential to /push a mob around activating lots of traps.

I'll also note that if this skill does work well there could be potential to develop a thief/ranger style build with poison traps, paralysis traps etc
Doesn't matter, you'd die anyway. ;D Shroud's a hacker. After many hours of deep thought I have came to that conclusion.


« Reply #17 on: 13, May 2020, 12:29:32 »
;) Believe it or not, my above plan is still valid and I'm actively working on it. And making progress. But it's slow going so have patience.


« Reply #18 on: 13, May 2020, 13:38:02 »
@smacky, sry never my intention to push. IDK why but  Hallowed Ground suddenly popped into my head and I remembered it so my first response was what happened to that thread...

@Shroud - Yes I agree with all of your list, we should do it!

BTW I get really schizo whenever anyone mentions a Thief class and I really really really hope it never even gets considered.
I belonged to a pay for MMORPG very much like Daimonin before I found my home here.
They had a thief class and it killed the community,
the game,
not to mention caused extreme hostility between players.
To put it in a nut shell players would spend days camping an item and the thief classes would wait by the city entrance and then immediately steal / pick pocket the item that you had spent days / weeks camping.
The Admins did realize the error and removed the thief class but not before shattering the game for which it has never recovered - just my opinion but a thief class is a very bad idea.
My retirement the Grim Reaper


« Reply #19 on: 13, May 2020, 17:26:37 »
@smacky - I'm in no rush and anything I could tell is already mentioned in my above post.

@myths - I believe you're seeing 1 word, taking it completely out of context and blowing it out of proportion. In same way that term Mage/Wizard/Witch/Sorcerer for intelligence based spellcasters are usually interchangeable Ranger/Rogue/Thief/Assassin are interchangeable for dexterity/stealth based skills. For example lockpicking skill is kind of thing one might associated with a thief but if you're doing GT and don't have a key but have someone who can lockpick for you then it's usage is transformed. Even theft itself isn't necessarily bad since you can easily imagine a ranger stealing a key. You can also argue that many quests consist of killing a random NPC and stealing their possessions. Main context where stealing is bad is when it's between players as if you steal from a mob it's a victimless crime. Although I'll note that PvP also isn't possible in most of daimonin and I don't see any point in coding inter player theft (especially when we don't have a trading system!)
Doesn't matter, you'd die anyway. ;D Shroud's a hacker. After many hours of deep thought I have came to that conclusion.

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