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Author Topic:  New prayer: Hallowed Ground  (Read 1149 times)

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« on: 14, January 2019, 06:22:24 »

ATM the prayer makes a 3x3 radius of traps around the player which attacks with Godpower and uses this animation when triggered.

Should there be some sort of indication that the prayer has been used? ATM I plan on making it not affect the caster. I'm not sure how it would fit into "lore", as I can either:

(a) make it affect anyone but the op (including fellow group-members)
(b) make it affect anyone but "friendlies" (other players in PvP only, and evil NPCs)
(c) make it affect anyone who does not follow the Tabernacle of Light (evil NPCs, or in the distant future other players)

Thoughts? Also, in any of the above cases, should it have some sort of indication that the ground is Hallowed? Maybe some kind of haze?
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-- _people_ :)


« Reply #1 on: 14, January 2019, 07:25:43 »
Personal thoughts, if the player sets the trap and goes out of distance, a little animation above the player letting them know the trap has sprung would be cool.

I think it should affect anything except friendly players in group.  I don't thing there should be any marks or graphics left on the ground where the trap is, we don't want other players to see it until it's to late. >:)

Just my thoughts, do as you and others wish. :)


« Reply #2 on: 14, January 2019, 12:29:12 »
I agree with @Joe here, having it spring on players would be counter productive, but I do like the idea of it effecting non-party members that don't follow the faith.  Almost as if the tabernacle smites those that aren't giving themselves to the gods, and they must be punished.  The trap should definitely be marked by something and have a like 30 sec timer so the server doesn't suffer from having a bunch of random traps that aren't sprung.  Great job @_people_  Looking forward to brainstorming again my friend


« Reply #3 on: 14, January 2019, 14:50:36 »
Well actually I do want it to hit players, just not those who are in the same group as the one who laid it.  I think I misunderstood how it works though, rereading it appears to stay around the player as they walk?


« Reply #4 on: 14, January 2019, 20:00:34 »
I believe so, that's what I would think if its an aura.  The Gif looks almost like it were set on a space though


« Reply #5 on: 14, January 2019, 23:31:57 »
No, it's a trap which is placed. So it stays where you cast the prayer.

An aura prayer is something I haven't yet started working on.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #6 on: 15, January 2019, 00:13:10 »
Ah perfect, I love it!  So I'd like to make a short anim for setting the trap, and also an exclamation that appears over the players head (the one who set the trap) when the trap is sprung.


« Reply #7 on: 15, January 2019, 00:36:30 »
Yeah I was thinking we need a spell effect for it.

Unfortunately it's not possible until we do a Y-update to add the trap sprung notification. I've added it to my list of things to add in the next Y-update.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #8 on: 18, March 2019, 23:00:03 »
Sorry I dropped this project for a bit. I just committed the finishing touches for Hallowed Ground to trunk. If someone wants to come up with a good quest for it we can get it implemented (as well as any other changes over the past few months) I'd really appreciate it. Or do we want some other method of acquiring the prayer?
« Last Edit: 18, March 2019, 23:05:19 by _people_ »
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #9 on: 19, March 2019, 12:56:53 »
I'm very excited to see a new spell added!  A few questions:

How powerful is this spell?

What lvl is this learned. I believe the highest skill learned by priests atm is lvl 18.

What town is this quest offered from, do we want to maybe go towards guildhall.  Doing so gives a chance a higher lvl player might run into a lower lvl player and chat/help.

Player community input and ideas are encouraged, feel free to share your ideas.  :)


« Reply #10 on: 19, March 2019, 18:21:38 »
I just briefly came accross the 8284 hg code in the strean I an working on,

Codewise, please use sparkly_create() rather than  insert)magic_effect(), In  fact this should be done globally. Sparklies are in swsmp.c.

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