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Author Topic:  New weapon types?  (Read 226 times)

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« on: 12, September 2017, 20:52:36 »
Ok so i've been thinking about the guilds thing and how they're very unbalanced in regards to player styles, particularly where people use combined methods such as warrior mage or warrior priest, which lets face it is pretty much the only way to play and get anywhere. Now i'm not suggesting a solution to it all, but my idea is a couple of new weapon types called something better than mage weapons and priest weapons. These wouldn't be chosen at the character selection screen like standard weapon types are, but use of them granted when a player joins a guild - in a way replacing the weapons that are restricted by that guild.

Now, to balance things a little i think guild benefits might have to be nerfed a little and more emphasis put on the weapons available to each guild. I know there's already combined guilds, and there would have to be some way of allowing these guilds access to said weapon types but perhaps with some kind of handicap or even a minor and major versions of these weapons (in a similar sense to 1h and 2h weapons maybe?).

As you can probably tell, i've not been thinking long about this and am still working it out as i'm typing, but it seems like a good idea to me so i'm putting it down before i forget it!

These weapons would probably by wizards staffs, priests staffs, orbs and other talismanic objects. They wouldn't give damage directly, but boost stats and effectiveness in relevent areas such as mana/wis regen, increased damage or speed with spells of particular attunement. They could also be used to let mages pick gear that restricts them to spells of particular elements. It would also render wizards/priests unable to use physical attacks, having to rely on magic and prayer so perhaps they'd have to give a decent increase to mana/wis.

Anyways, these are just thoughts so if anyone's got any ideas how this could work or have any opinions then please feel free to let me know what you think.

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