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Author Topic:  [quests] Jahrlen basic quests  (Read 1624 times)

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« on: 11, January 2017, 10:40:36 »
Hi team

Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.
Just started playing Daimonin, great game.
I am still in the village, had finished all quests available. But many NPC tell me to finish ALL BASIC quests, this by speaking to Jahrlen. But when I want to speak with Jahrlen in the basement, he just tell me this : " I am sorry, but I cannot teach members of your guild these spells". Even if I didn't ask him for spells, AND I just want his rat quest to finish basic quests.
Please help.


« Reply #1 on: 11, January 2017, 16:47:04 »
That's a bit of a weird design flaw. I thought we fixed it at some point but apparently not. To do his quests, talk to Cashin to leave the Mercenary guild. Then do Jahrlen's quests and you can rejoin the guild. Optionally you don't really need to his quests; the NPC's in Guild Hall won't do anything if you haven't done them besides tell you to do them.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #2 on: 09, February 2017, 23:29:48 »
Just came back after like half a decade and I just logged on. Is this game dead or did I just come at a bad time, cause I'm the only one online. Posting this here cause it's the most recent thread.


« Reply #3 on: 11, February 2017, 07:44:11 »
Seems like it's deader than a doornail. I've just started playing, so I have zero prior experience, but it seems like it was a lot more popular back in the day. Also, a lot of the thousands of accounts seem fake.


« Reply #4 on: 01, March 2017, 16:29:01 »
Hello and welcome (back)

And, it's a shame, but you guessed right in both ways: It was a bad moment to come back and the game is not as popular as it once was

However - some of the people are online to meet in shout and play a bit here and there and now and then :)

Hope to cu in game ...

former collector of cursed rings
nowadays collector of cursed things

A dwarf, who fights with a sword does also like diluted beer (dwarvish saying)

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