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Author Topic:  Joes archs  (Read 2280146 times)

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« Reply #780 on: 21, August 2020, 11:57:56 »
Happy to have a go if I am told what to do. Meanwhile I have a bit of a problem with plants - I've posted something in chat about it. Probably my fault for not keeping up with the times.


« Reply #781 on: 09, September 2020, 16:05:24 »
Dunno if this is one of yours, Joe, but I was using the flesh_generic arch for apple mash in Cider World which is now no more so CW is broken. I found a png file which looks like what I would have been using, but it has no .arc file associated. This is arch/items/organic/bodyparts/skin.101.png


« Reply #782 on: 03, October 2020, 14:51:53 »
Joe are you still around? Could do with advice on what to do with water fmasks. Maybe change the arch names as per Smacky's suggestion in an earlier post. I'll ask in Chat to see what Smacky thinks.


« Reply #783 on: 13, December 2020, 13:30:21 »
Returning to this subject, there is a slight problem with the new lake png files: they are the same colour as the water they are sitting on, whereas the original mask pngs were a darker shade. This means that with the new faces, they are invisible without animation. I am assuming (hoping) that when animated they will show up once more.

As I have suggested in chat, maybe we should move the new stuff to a safe holding place until Joe can complete the project, and replace them for the time being with the originals. At the moment we have a half-way house which suits nobody.


« Reply #784 on: 13, December 2020, 14:09:48 »
i agree. should be as simple as copying entire current water dir to mapserv for safekeeping then reverting sf version to 'classic' version.


« Reply #785 on: 13, December 2020, 16:02:29 »
OK then that will be down to you, Smacky as I don't have privs to write to trunk. I have the originals in my archive if you don't have them available. Will you also be copying to main?

(You'll probably want to create a masks directory below arch (doesn't currently exist) on DaiServ (as I call it) and copy the water directory into that. That will keep the structure the same.)

Then it gets a bit more involved, I think, since archs need to be collected - mappers obviously need to, but do all users need to do that, or is there a one-off collection on the server? Trying to get my head round how it works!
« Last Edit: 13, December 2020, 16:07:41 by grommit »


« Reply #786 on: 13, December 2020, 16:27:46 »
well i meant just save the new versions anywhere (meaning NOT under arch) on mapserv (mapwiz) to get them out of the way.

then yes, revert trunk and main.

for collecting it's business as usual.


« Reply #787 on: 14, December 2020, 11:14:07 »
Will you be doing that, then?


« Reply #788 on: 14, December 2020, 11:37:54 »
looking now. seems joe made many separate tweaks. it shouldnt be too diff. its just floors/water ands masks/water. right?


« Reply #789 on: 14, December 2020, 11:54:29 »
I'd forgotten about floors/water. The old ones have colour graduations from shallow -> deep -> deepest whereas the new ones they are all the same light shade! So I much prefer the old ones - though lo_water.arc will need all the terrain types changing from 1 to 2 like you did with the current one. (Remember that?)

Apart from that, all good.


« Reply #790 on: 21, December 2020, 12:52:08 »
Try now. Just reboot main. A local needs 8750.


« Reply #791 on: 21, December 2020, 13:32:56 »
Yes - all good, thanks!  You remembered the terrain type change too, which I checked.

Occasionally, I saw a black image with orange text (I think) flash up as it loaded then disappeared. I think it might have been a water floormask loading but couldn't be sure what it was as it was gone so quickly.


« Reply #792 on: 23, December 2020, 01:03:07 »
That's the client's default LOAD image. If you don't have an image (or, as in this case, have an outdated version of an image) in either daimonin.p0 or  %APPDATA%\daimonin\0.10\cache (or ~/.daimonin/0.10/cache for Linux) the client will have to fetch it from the server. So during the short time you're downloading the image to your cache, you'll see that image.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #793 on: 30, August 2021, 02:19:14 »
The starting area of the game is transformed from 'okay looking - for a FOSS game' to 'completely great'.

Fantastic work Joe.


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