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Author Topic:  Joes archs  (Read 2265175 times)

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« Reply #690 on: 13, January 2020, 10:53:59 »
@_people_ Would this size work in your new client?

* au_tree1.101.png (57.83 kB. 196x242 - viewed 5 times.)
* au_tree1.arc (0.47 kB - downloaded 2 times.)
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« Reply #691 on: 13, January 2020, 17:49:30 »

All the other graphics you see were scaled up using ImageMagick. I think they look generally good scaled up but I prefer them without the scaling (made by hand in the higher res). The aspect ratio is also distorted because I scaled down the screenshot for the forums and did a lousy job of it.

I was about to upload a demo of the client, but I just realized that Unity (I just rewrote what I had so far in Unity) packs sprites so you can't modify them without rebuilding the whole thing. I'm currently working on rewriting how graphics are loaded to be more like the existing client, so I should have a usable demo by next Thursday so you can test graphics yourself.
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-- _people_ :)


« Reply #692 on: 17, January 2020, 05:44:12 »
Great, I look forward to trying it.


« Reply #693 on: 21, January 2020, 20:32:30 »
Hi @Joe,

I've just finished up to the point where I can give you a copy of the client. It *SHOULD* work similar to the existing client - update images on the server, collect arches, and the client will download any changes. If it doesn't, please let me know.

You can also put files in the "gfx_user" folder so you can test them without having to recollect arches or restart the server (same feature as current client).

Movement is not implemented yet. Neither is exiting the game :) To exit, just press Alt+F4.

EDIT: Oops, you'll probably want the scaled-up versions of the graphics for your server so the client doesn't download low-res versions of the images.
« Last Edit: 22, January 2020, 00:05:15 by _people_ »
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #694 on: 22, January 2020, 04:45:08 »
Very nice thanks for doing this.  Here I show a little funny when I log onto main server with new images loaded in gfx_user.  ;D  Well I guess it's a teaser of what is to come.


« Reply #695 on: 23, January 2020, 03:00:31 »
Double post!  :P  So here is the direction I've taken for the new graphics, before I go further I'd like someone to at least look at them.  Should I keep going or or do you see any critiques I could make?  Thanks.  A Few of them still need work on the stumps and shadows, but are the colors and design ok?

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