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Author Topic:  Joes archs  (Read 2256764 times)

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« Reply #630 on: 11, February 2019, 01:48:23 »
It's tricky working with the water arches.  For one they can't be animated since layer 1 and 2 items can not be.  Also atm they only use one image for all the water, so if I put a sparkle on one it shows on all of them.  Even the shoreline I've made are layer 2 but I cheated and made them layer 3 masks so they could be animated. 

Hopefully sometime in the future we can animate the water and have a really nice looking lake.


« Reply #631 on: 04, May 2019, 13:53:37 »
Working on adding shoreline arches


« Reply #632 on: 05, May 2019, 03:33:57 »
Something's off with the bridge area.

Looks like you're putting the water tiles above the normal floor layer. I'm assuming this means animations aren't allowed on floors? I'll have to fix that if so. I believe this is causing the issue because there's 2 different objects (shoreline masks and the water, which is acting as a mask) on the same layer.

Hmm, /resetmap fixed the issue but it still occurs sometimes when loading a new map. I also notice that when the player steps on the shore tiles (which shouldn't happen too often as only SA's/MM's should be standing there) they turn to black.

I'll have to find a way to update the client for this but I'll be away for a few weeks until June.

Another (minor) issue is that the animations aren't syncing between maps. This'll be much more difficult to fix but I think I may have a way to do so. It'll have to be part of the client overhaul though.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #633 on: 05, May 2019, 05:26:04 »
Hmm, I'll have to turn the water anim off for now and set it as layer 1.  This was the problem as you mentioned, the layer 1 and 2 arches are not able to be animated.  I cheated and tried setting them as layer 3 but I'll change them back and wait for the update.

Seems funny though that it didn't work since I set the water as layer 3 and the shoreline as layer 4.

Got so excited for animated water I cheated a bit lol,  oops!


« Reply #634 on: 23, May 2019, 03:48:40 »
*NEW JUST ADDED IN GAME!!*  Pendant of Agrion, very rare random drop.  Str +10, Cha -5, Stealth, Fire resist -20%, HP +200, Attacks Paralyze 30%.   Who will be the first to find it??  Have fun!!  ;D


« Reply #635 on: 24, May 2019, 23:14:32 »
Hi, need some help setting up the .arc and .anim files for these.  Thanks.

EDIT: Change of plans, I'm just going to remove the door and use the frame.  I can make the .arc   ;)
« Last Edit: 25, May 2019, 00:05:22 by Joe »


« Reply #636 on: 05, June 2019, 19:08:04 »
*NEW JUST ADDED IN GAME!!*  Pendant of Agrion, very rare random drop.  Str +10, Cha -5, Stealth, Fire resist -20%, HP +200, Attacks Paralyze 30%.   Who will be the first to find it??  Have fun!!  ;D
(Attachment Link)

I guess I am  :) !  I just got one from a random wraith  ;D  Pretty hard to believe, so quick, but proof is in Museum  :P


« Reply #637 on: 06, June 2019, 04:20:38 »
Wow gratzz!!  You're very lucky.  ;D  Lets see if you're lucky enough to find this new pendant.
Pendant of Agrion of the Priest: Con+10, fire resist -20, cold resist -20, reflect ammo, hp+200, Grace+50, Attacks Godpower 30%

Also added this Life gear set, very rare random drops, each piece has hp+200.  Happy Hunting!  8)

« Last Edit: 06, June 2019, 13:36:21 by Joe »


« Reply #638 on: 06, June 2019, 18:02:37 »
Believe it or not, just got Life jeans from a random raas  :o


« Reply #639 on: 07, June 2019, 02:47:35 »
Nice Husa!  Rng has spoken.  ;D  Here are even more items for you to hunt down.   (Shadow Realm gear set).
Again these are very rare drops.  Each item attacks 10% lifesteal.  Have fun!!  ;)

(Moroch gear set)  8) Each items has these stats: Str+6, Con-1, resist Chaos-5%, resist Confusion+10%, attacks Paralyze 5%.  They have very low health and  AC, but have higher PH resists.  Enjoy!

(Warlock gear set)  lvl 15, HP+10, Str+1, attacks Confusion 5%.

Also added 20 new toy mobs that only drop lvl 90+
Red Dragon
Skull Druj
Frost Giant
Lava Golem
Red Jelly
Orc Sorcer
Orc Warlord
Green Pudding
Skeleton Fighter
Skeleton Mage
Black Widow Spider
Spotted Jelly
Vampire Lord
Purple Worm
« Last Edit: 10, June 2019, 07:19:00 by Joe »


« Reply #640 on: 11, June 2019, 15:34:48 »
Just got warlock Boots from Devil Lord in GT3
« Last Edit: 11, June 2019, 15:53:39 by dunsh »


« Reply #641 on: 12, June 2019, 05:58:50 »
I got a green pudding  :)   :(
Great work Joe as always with the new items.
Hmmm, lvl 90+ for the toy drops going to have make an effort to go to higher mob level areas. I'm always afraid to break a nail and so usually am around the level 75 mobs  :P
« Last Edit: 12, June 2019, 06:01:55 by myths »
It would be nice to get a red rose


« Reply #642 on: 14, June 2019, 21:39:22 »
Master's Cloak just dropped for me. On a personal note TYVM Joe I had been hoping for a couple of years that it would be put back in game, especially since I only play as a Witch (I know it is Wizard but that is masculine, witch is the feminine, _People_ needs to change this)
It would be nice to get a red rose


« Reply #643 on: 16, June 2019, 03:24:08 »
I have implemented animated layer 1 and 2 objects.

There is still one issue I'd like to look into before implementing this on the server:

All the animations are out of sync on the map border. I think that I can perhaps implement a global synchronization flag for animations such that all instances of "water_still" are always on the same animation frame.

Additionally, I've somehow introduced a bug in which floors are rendered above doors. So I'll have to find a fix for that.
-- _people_ :)


« Reply #644 on: 16, June 2019, 04:06:57 »
Rare item drops: (Elven hunter archery weapons) Str+2, Cha-5, Dex+5, HP+50

Added paralysis ammo, recognized by a magical symbol. They have 75% chance to paralyze and drop in stacks of 20.
Also gave poison ammo a magical symbol, and they now also drop in stacks of 20.
« Last Edit: 16, June 2019, 06:49:31 by Joe »


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