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Author Topic:  about priests and undead  (Read 41 times)

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« on: 29, September 2022, 07:32:44 »
Normaly priest is always the class with some advantages against undead. Camping in maus i have seen this new named skelmage "Fallen Knight" is more vulnerable to cause light wound spell. This behavior could be interesting to extend on other undead monsters.

Using ArchWizard you can find all undeads by searching for "undead 1". Also looks like we have different races flaged with the "undead 1" flag. Would be easy to overwrite the definitions at least for the arc definitions. Of course we still have local definitions for this resists on the maps. So currently it looks like a lot of work to change resists on all the maps? Perhaps in future a better version of ArchWizard can help there? Need to think about this.
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« Reply #1 on: 30, September 2022, 17:09:32 »
Yep, races and "undead" status ought to be made more impactful on gameplay. This has been on my list of things to accomplish for next "season" - inspired quite a lot by the power of your ArchWizard tool. :)

I think the map-specific changes to mobs should be removed and replaced with some sort of artifact-like system. For example, if we have a fire-themed dungeon the monsters should be mostly fire-themed, and also have a "fire mask" applied - high fire res, low cold res, bonus fire attack, and more likely to drop fire-themed items. Although this also enhances the challenges of balancing PH vs. MA vs. WI -- Magic users have a very easy time finding cold damage, but PH does not and WI is impossible without adding elements of the other two.
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