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Author Topic:  Demon Plane Reorganization  (Read 476 times)

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« Reply #30 on: 12, May 2022, 13:22:48 »
The idea of undead in mantibow colony at night is nice. Could also be combined with a quest to slay undeads at night, like the iluma quest to slay raas or the frostbolt quest to slay giants. Most problem on mantibow was always the path system there. Missing streets, blocking structures everywhere there, was always a pain to go there. So some small upgrades on some kind of street/pathes would be cool.
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« Reply #31 on: 13, May 2022, 20:52:52 »
I'm not up to speed with  all the re-organisation going on, but there is a Wizard in the wizard guild who gives directions to where the orc and ogre dungeons are (abandoned fort?). If you move these you may want to check out the directions the wizard is giving. The wizard is Harlea (wiz_harlea.lua).


« Reply #32 on: 13, May 2022, 21:26:59 »
Yep, directions will be inaccurate. There might also be a few signs throughout the region which are now incorrect (though there aren't many signs in the game at all).

Part of my goal for this is to create a more immersive experience. Presently almost every NPC in the game either has no interaction, or has no interaction other than 1 specific function (banker, quest-giver, etc.). They also have little to no background information, so they don't contribute anything to the game's story-telling. Alongside map changes, I'll be updating NPC scripts to (a) be accurate to reality, and (b) facilitate the robust feature-set of the game.

"Rumours" is one example of something we're underutilizing. NPC's throughout the gameworld can be assigned "localities" which control what the NPC "knows" about. For example, in a city near a dungeon with a rare item we can have NPC's provide occasional hints about where the dungeon is, what sorts of beasts dwell within, and what sorts of items are rumoured to be available there.

The feature needs a bit of work, but the backbone is there. Its biggest flaw is the fact that players must spam "/talk rumours" to NPC's until they find cool hints. I think it would be preferable if NPC's would either (a) interlace rumours with other topics, or (b) speak their rumours as a map message. Players will overhear useless gossip ("I've heard that Jail Guard Chendis has been cutting deals with his prisoners - what a scumbag!") with the occasional "The other night, I heard from someone at the pub that the mugwumps have stolen a large sum of gold from the bank. I wonder where they're hiding it!". Players who encounter the mugwumps NW of SG would then remember this tidbit and go searching for their hideout.

I'd like to eventually come up with a GUI which can generate the Lua code for NPC dialogue. I made some progress on that a few years ago, but SENTInce was changed so I'll have to update my old code.
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« Reply #33 on: 13, May 2022, 21:40:07 »
Love what is coming. Idk if this is helpful but as I map the SP I have been all the dungeon and town locations (map # and co-ordinates) in a Notepad++ called 'Map_Locations' that is in the SP File.
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« Reply #34 on: 13, May 2022, 21:58:59 »
I have a couple of gossips in Ciudad Ambrosia but it's mostly humorous banter (or at least my sense of humour!). I think it's triggered by pedestals as the player goes past.


« Reply #35 on: 14, May 2022, 08:00:57 »
To add to what Grommit said Stoneglow War Zone uses,
Every soldier has the script.
So, when a player is on the battle field the player's chat box is flooded with multiple banters from the soldiers.

This script could easily be modified for pub banter (rumours) and added to each patron so when a player enters a pub they just listen as their chat box fills with NPC conversation.
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