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How do you like the plant/grass/tree graphics?

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Author Topic:  Joes archs  (Read 2254019 times)

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« Reply #675 on: 30, June 2019, 05:12:32 »
I've been playing in the arches again and here is what I've done today.
Top image shows how it started, middle shows my rework, and the bottom shows how it looks today after reboot. Which do you like better?  Poll on top of page to vote.

« Last Edit: 30, June 2019, 08:06:23 by Joe »


« Reply #676 on: 30, June 2019, 09:03:00 »
I permanently deleted the Dragon Silencer weapons from the museum, they had put on hidden status and refreshed the museum.
I have  put the items back on display.
I went through the full list of commands and as a GM I can enter items without stories that are considered artifacts for example a raid item. I can then alter the sign which I did in the case of the Dragon Silencer weapons - I had put them on display originally but I had edited the sign to say donated by Joeshmo and not St_Myths.
The point here is if a player has a unique non-story item (ROC) I will very happily put it on display for the player and edit the display sign to give the player credit for their item.
I am pretty sure in /MM mode I can pick up a players ego'd item so I can mark it to be added to the museum.
« Last Edit: 01, July 2019, 11:23:40 by myths »
It would be nice to get a red rose


« Reply #677 on: 11, July 2019, 11:49:52 »
Popped IG for a bit Monday and the new grass gives the game a totally new feel! It's great Joe :)
Posted by Clobber

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« Reply #678 on: 14, July 2019, 04:13:11 »
Sling of the Elven Hunters dropped, beautiful ranged weapon Joe - Too bad I'm Bow :P
It would be nice to get a red rose


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