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Day 1

Day 1 - Arrived in Guild Hall today! In need of copper coins, butchering extremely difficult. All quests in Guild Hall complete. Exploring Stonehaven. Hagvash defeated! Then visited Stonehaven Village, deafeated Ant Queen! Already level 8.

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Core Team
Game Master

Hehe, I was going to let him keep it that way...

Anyway, I think if Killest were to try harder he could easily make eight levels in a day.

2 years 32 weeks ago

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Game Master
Map Master


2 years 32 weeks ago

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Map Wizard

Okay..... Speedy Conzalouz

2 years 32 weeks ago

_people_'s picture
Core Team
Game Master

Excellent work! ;)

2 years 32 weeks ago

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