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Daimonin Project

Become part of the team

michtoen 9 151 Join

Create maps and extend the game!

michtoen 11 111 Join

Pictures and Pixels

michtoen 7 42 Request membership

Write for us!

smacky 15 55 Request membership

Group for ingame music and digital effects

ThePlaneskeeper 3 15 Request membership

The programmer team

Gecko 4 41 Request membership

Game server moderators (VOL)

longir 3 30 Invite only
Game Masters

Game masters (GM) from our game servers

longir 8 15 Invite only

All about this website

michtoen 4 10 Invite only
Map Wizards

Want become a map wizard? Join the mapper group first

michtoen 13 40 Invite only
Map Masters

Senior map wizards with global map access

smacky 5 20 Closed
Project Management

Daimonin project core team and managment

michtoen 51 20 Closed
Global Moderators

Content and community moderators

zrubavel 4 11 Closed

Site administrators

michtoen 6 14 Closed
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Mordamir 01We need a mob(s) like thisThranduilHe hasOutrageous!The cat who wants to play DaimoninOnly a real man can wear pink!Me playin' DaimoninBlender - Daimonin Logo Thing

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